New partnership with Aurel Wireless.

Our two companies share a passion for providing power electronics to global customers.

Summer 2019 News: We are pleased to announce our new agreement with Aurel Wireless to supply and support their full range of wireless systems and hybrid devices. The two companies share a passion for providing electronics solutions to their customers worldwide. Read more....

RF Wireless Modules

Aurel has more than fifty years of expertise in the design, industrialisation, production of wireless radio solutions.
A full line of standard on free-license frequencies in 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 2.4 compliant with the European Normative and FCC regulations (for YS market) is available.

  • Security alarm system
  • Tubular motor control
  • Cooking hoods
  • Heating system control
  • Gate/garage opener
  • Automatic driver recognition system
  • Street lighting
  • Tarpaulin systems
  • Link to wireless catalogue
  • Thick film hybrid circuits on Alumina
  • Thick film hybrid circuits on Aluminium Nitrate
  • Thick film on Aluminium (THIFAL)
  • SMD manufacturing service
  • Insulated metal substrate circuits (IMS)
  • Chip & Wire circuits
  • Power resistors
  • Braking resistors

RF Wireless Modules

Electronic manufacturing service

Aurel SPA offers high quality EMS services. Thick film, SMD, IMS, THIFAL for the purpose of better reliability and production efficiency. AUREL Microelectronic develops and manufactures proprietary and custom electronic circuits.

A dedicated team of design & assistance, develop of prototypes, automatic assembly of SMD components, printed circuit boards, purchase of components, automatic optical inspection (AOI), X-Ray inspection, functional tests.